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February 23, 2007


installing irrigation systems

How cute! Thanks for the comprehensive review of the possible types of growth in different species of tiny tomatoes. Are there different rules for growing each of them?

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Raw, fried, cooked in sauce, juice or gazpacho, a tomato is a nutritious and refreshing, for taste and low price, is part of the diet of most of the Spanish, especially at this time summer. However, the benefit of this simple stuff in health can be much higher than any drug, the product of complex and costly investigations, that man has invented. And that is, to date, no medication has managed to have many therapeutic properties and tomato have revealed, since by itself prevents cancer and stroke, as well as control of many other diseases.

invierta proyectos

Good luok with the tomatoes, keep it up.


I am lucky to live in temperate Australia and don't have much trouble with blossom end rot. I have some tips for growing them without chemicals.


Hi fellow enthusiast!

Can I add Shirley to your list? I have grown these for a few years now and we love the taste. I used to grow an old variety, Harbinger, and they were delicious. They are not F1 so you get all sizes but who cares if they taste good. They are not that easy to get now, hence the move to Shirley.

All the best



Good luck with your tomatoes. Thanks to our "cooler" weather this year my plants are now doing really well-this morning I saw baby cherry, costoluto and plum tomatoes so far.


I'm glad that somebody else had the same problem. Maybe San Marzano are a particular problem because they're plum tomatoes? I'm determined to try them again next year though - think I'll just need to be more consistent with watering.


I grew San Marzano last year - in the greenhouse and outside in pots - and they also suffered blossom end rot. The ones in pots were worse but my watering regime is a little erratic and they were in a hot courtyard. I had other varieties growing in the same conditions which were fine (Sungold, Principe Borghese & Costuluto Fiorentino). I guess this variety is especially prone to it. I am growing them again this year and will try giving them some calcified seaweed to increase the calcium - and be better at watering!!!

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