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July 26, 2009


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This flower fit for a decoration to my house if there's some occasions and gatherings happen.

Deirdre G


I think it's only been a matter of time before allotments came back into fashion. When I think back to when I was a child, my grandpa always grew his own veg. He was a little older when I came along and so, had given up his allotment, but he still grew all the veg that he and my grandpa ate, in the garden. It wasn't a case of growing your own being in fashion, it's just what you did back then. Then along came the idea of having everything ready grown and all prepared for you. I still can't get over the fact that you can buy mashed potatoes all ready to heat up and serve. For goodness sake, how long does it take to boil a few spuds and mash them up? I think the media has alot to do with people now wanting to know where there food has been grown and that no chemicals have been used on them, due to making people aware of what they are eating when they buy their veggies from a supermarket. As you say, allotments are a different way of life too in todays rush about culture. Everything slows down a pace at the allotment and you can take in your surroundings, aswell as meeting like-minded people. I love allotments too.

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