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July 12, 2009


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lea {florist Sydney}

This is Gloria cosmos flower, right? among the many variety of this flower, this is my favorite along with the yellow cosmos.

Gia (silk bouquets)

I love this flower, Is this kind of flower grow in a tropical climate?



This flower is Cosmos. Grows very well here in the UK


florist Philippines

Can i know what is the name of this flower?


Philippine flowers

This is my first visit to your website and looking on, I'm impressed! I like your content!



I dot mine around as well Rachael but do have two big beds specifically for cut flowers. My dahlias are just coming out there and the sunflowers I've got all over the plot are just starting to flower. Beautiful!

Ian and Luis

We have lavender, sunflowers, marigolds, sweet peas and more growing amongst the veg....go for it.


Here here. I have lots of flowers around my plot, particularly bee-friendly ones. Not in a dedicated area, just here and there and around the edges. It makes it all so colourful.


I agree with you. One of the first things I did when I got my allotment was to allocate space for a flower bed.

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