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August 22, 2009



Home made pesto really is the way forwards. I'll freely admit to making it in a blender to speed things along sometimes - and when I can't be bothered doing that there's a cheese shop in Prestwich Village that sells a really nice one by weight.

The best thing though, is that it seems to keep for AGES. I keep having to tell people not to throw my leftover pesto away even though it's separated. A quick stir and it's almost as good as new. The oil does a great job of keeping the basil pretty fresh.

Try toasting the pine nuts in a dry frying pan a wee bit. Not brown, just enough to get the aroma in the air.

This reminds me, I need to get another pack of basil seed - I'm going to be making tons of Pesto this year and I don't think I've got enough yet.


Home made pesto is out of this world! The gloopy stuff in jars just does not compare.


I'm one of those who has never made their own pesto. I should really give it a go.

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