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September 24, 2009


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Patio Set

The best trick I found to get squirrels was to set out a bigger mouse trap and set it up with peanut butter and some sort of treat. They have to pull on the treat since it's stuck to the peanut butter and it gets them every time.


Any suggestions?
Camoflage outfit from your local army surplus, air rifle, patience and some time to lie in wait next to the shed?
Claymores? (Or am I getting a bit too "Caddyshack" here?)
Sweetcorn AND squirrel for the pot.

How do you feel about trapping? I don't know if there are just a couple that have raided you or there's a bigger problem, but there are both lethal and non-lethal traps available (and they don't look too difficult to make either) for squirrels (non-target species would need considering). If you do consider that though, just bear in mind it's illegal to release a grey into the wild which may well rule this out as a method depending on your values/nerve.

I'm guessing you'd rather just keep them off though - organic does usually mean somewhat less militant measures... something I can appreciate.

On a more likely note, remember squirrels are agile, smart and determined. You'll need to take that into account while protecting your crop next year.

Your most likely success would be something akin to a fruit cage. You could probably cobble together something suitable from a few lumps of wood and a bit of chiken wire, provided the holes were small enough. You'll need to have a lid on it too though, or they'll get in that way - so obviously it will need to be tall enough to accomodate the height of fully grown corn.

Better luck next year.


It's at least heartening to see that someone got to enjoy the corn... even if it wasn't me! Thanks for the suggestions as well - I've now got all winter to consider next year's plan of attack!


Poor squirrels, they had to wait so long for the corn to be ready this year ;-) I know, not funny. I know there are a lot of flowers, etc., that are resistant to squirrels, maybe if you plant them around the perimeter of the corn they will keep the critters at bay. Good luck!


Oh no! I feel for you, I really do. I adore sweetcorn too, but I've had a bit of a disaster with my sweetcorn this year, they just didn't want to grow.


I loath squirrels! I am guessing the only way to protect your crop is to put up a frame with chicken wire on it, sides top and a few inches below the soil. My neighbors have started to shoot them with a bb gun, I have never been so happy!

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