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March 08, 2011


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I wonder which variety you're growing? This is French Sorrel I think.

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I took a class on finding edible food on in the woods like 11 years ago. Sorrel were the first thing. One of the interesting things about Sorrel, green dock grows near Sorrel. If you crush the leaves of Sorrel or even better , the liquid from the root and rub it anywhere you’ve been stung by Sorrel, it goes away. Nature is cool!


Sorrel is a great crop to grow. Don't let if run to seed though as it can spread all over the place. Though by the sounds of it the chucks wouldn't object to this :)


I have just sown a new batch of sorrel seeds, to bolster the plants already in the garden. It's not that we're really big sorrel fans - the chickens are!


This will be my first year at attempting to grow sorrel - I'm quite excited at the prospect! I've sown some in a pot in the greenhouse and will also sow some outdoors in a few weeks but after seeing how hardy it is I might just go ahead and sow some direct into the garden now!


I wonder which variety you're growing? This is French Sorrel I think.


I only discovered sorrel last year, I grew it as a cut and come again salad leaf (it was a much smaller plant than the one in your pic, with red stemmed leaves) and was amazed at how much flavour was packed into those little leaves... Lovely! :)

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