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April 14, 2011


Roofing Maintenance London

Green building and architecture isn't that difficult, it can even save you a lot of money aside from the fact that you also help save the environment.

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There are so many types of flowers in your country.I love it.

Tasty Travels

I just planted my main season flowers. I'm a little behind. I'm growing in Oregon, USA. I love cosmos and the bees really appreciate them. Last year I planted them in my raised beds near veggies that needed pollination. This year I'll plant them in pots (as they took up precious real estate in the beds). I also planted marigolds, poppies, nasturiums, zinnias, sunflowers and dianthus. This year I also am trying a german flower called bee's friend. Your plants looks great!


French and pot marigolds feature heavily on my plot and particularly in the greenhouse where they keep whitefly at bay. I'm also planting Alyssum and Nicotania here and there. It's nice to have a bit of colour.


Thanks for the suggestions - we do have some Limanthes on the plot that self seed each year. Once they've flowered we dig them in as a green manure. I'm banned from planting more borage though as it really does spread all over!


Poached egg plants (or limnanthes I think is their proper name) flower early in the year and attract lots of beneficial insects. They self-seed prolifically, so no need to re-sow every year. Another self-seeder is borage, which bees love, and their flowers look very pretty in a jug of Pimms! they grow quite big though so you only need a few plants around the edges.

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