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April 03, 2011



Nice to see someone make the decision to see what rhubarb is really like.

I was lucky in that I had plenty of good rhubarb as a kid so the dinner ladies turning it into a soggy, insipid muck for dessert didn't put me off the stuff.
I can completely understand why so many people think it's horrible after having to choke it down at school though.

I've just been moving my rhubarb so don't think I'll be eating much of it at all this year, but assuming all goes well I'll have something like 10 good crowns in the next year or so.


Thanks for the tip Zoe - I've had a look at the Riverford recipes and they look very tempting :)


We inherited 3 rhubarb plants on our plot, and they produce more than I can ever eat. My other half won't touch it, and I also struggle to give it away, so I know where you're coming from. I've personally come to love it now, so long as it has enough sugar on it. It goes very well with ginger, and apparently with strawberries, though not tried that yet. I can recommend the recipes on www.riverford.co.uk - just type in rhubarb on the recipe search box. I might try some jam or chutney this year, as I seem to have more than ever!


Thanks for the ideas / support! I've been eating stewed rhubarb all week with yoghurt for breakfast and have lived to tell the tale. And we've got a crumble planned at the weekend so I'll need to buy some cream Sally! :-)

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife

I keep thinking about growing rhubarb - it's almost mandatory here on the edge of the rhubarb triangle and it would be nice to have something from the garden at this time of year - but I don't think I like it -- again, probably childhood memories of it badly cooked. Perhaps I should take inspiration from your lead and try it again :)


My rhubarb has been growing in a tub and has remained steadfastly unproductive for years, so this spring I have divided it and planted both halves in the garden. Therefore I have nothing to offer except secondhand advice... which is that it makes nice jam :)


I know what you mean about rhubarb - there are only a few ways I can eat it, it does funny things to my teeth... but rhubarb ice cream is delicious, as is rhurbarb cheesecake. Anything with plenty of cream reduces the fuzzy teeth problem.


If you need any taking of your hands I'll willingly volunteer. You know for rhubarb it doesn't get much better than a good old fashioned crumble. Maybe with just a dribble of cream.

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