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June 02, 2011


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Can I book myself in to be part of the seed swap this year! I'm still banned form buying new seeds!


Looks like they're poised to start sending out tendrils - quick, split them up before they knot together! :D

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife

I bought some achocha this year after reading about them on The Cottage Smallholder. I think it needs to be said with an exclamation mark after it, like an exciting dance, "achocha!". ;)

I planted some of mine out a few weeks ago now and they seem to be coping with the varied weather. The ones in the greenhouse are going a bit mental so I think it would be good to get them planted out ASAP too. I'm tempted to leave one in there, just to see how crazy it gets -- but I might live to regret that!

I look forward to seeing how yours do - I can't wait to try the fruit!

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