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June 29, 2011



Flowers are eternal from Adam and Eve till the end of time.

Carolyn @ Urban Veg patch

Most of the herb flowers can be picked off and added to a salad, etc. They have a subtle taste of the herb they're from. Also have a look at the Plant for a Future website (I'm sure you know of it already after your permaculture course) - http://www.pfaf.org/user/cmspage.aspx?pageid=38 There's a page on edible flowers, plus the site is full of info!
P.S. have just found your blog, am enjoying it a lot and have added you to my sidebar.


viola flowers are edible and a pretty addition to salads and to drinks and things as well


Rocket flowers are edible and taste just like the leaves, which is just as well for me as it ran to seed almost immediately on my allotment this year.


If you have broad beans and can take the hit on bean production then their flowers are edible and nice for salads :) You can use field beans, if you're sowing them as a green manure.

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