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February 10, 2013


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dan flynn

I was forced to work late this evening and drove home in the dark. Grrr. However, not having an allotment I make do with my little yard and pots that I fill with annuals every year so by the late spring the place begins to take on an effect last seen in Babylon. Well, we've all got to do our little bit.

dan flynn

Ah, you've cheered me up. Like you I've noticed the nights are drawing out, mainly because I'm driving to and from work in the light. But spring, ah, spring. My favourite season. I get pretty miserable in winter and am not keen on all this darkness so spring for me is like Friday nights. Friday are special because they herald the weekend and more specifically they are as far away from Monday as it's possible to get. Spring means winter is behind, spring is about new colour, snowdrops, crocuses, daffs, tulips, and new growth. In spring the light softens, we can spend more time outdoors, we can hear things like the birds and see things like snowdrops et al. Part of spring's joy is the anticipation of, well, everything springy but also the SUMMER!!!! Spring is as far away from the darkness of winter as it's possible to get. So, let's hear it for Spring. Huzzah!

ps, I like your rhubarb photo too.


Well said! Our plot is still completely sodden and unworkable, but at least sowing broad beans and getting the spuds chitting reminds me that spring will, eventually, come.

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