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March 10, 2013



Dear Gerard

I'm glad that you have found my site useful. Here is the paper that I wrote following my Cuban trip that may be of interest to you:


And if you are in Manchester in July you should try and visit this if you can:


Gerard O'Neill

Hello Liz,
What a wonderful site you have developed here. I came across it when I was surfing the web about Cuba and the gardens there. My wife and I are avid gardeners and we go to Cuba almost every year and we have managed (because of our very astute observational skills) to totally miss the entire movement around the huerto intensivo.

Thank you for showing us more of the world of gardens and food production. You are an inspiration to us. Our next trip to Cuba will be all about growing and dirt.

We are going to be in Europe this summer and in Manchester in July. Perhaps you could recommend a garden or two for us to see.

Once again thank you for your hard work in the earth and here in the ether.

Gerard O'Neill

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